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2017 Civic vs 2017 Corolla in Anacortes

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2017 Civic vs 2017 Corolla in Anacortes

When it comes to compact sedans, some of the best on the market right now are the Civic and Corolla. It might seem hard to make a decision on which vehicle surpasses the other. If you’ve been looking into the 2017 Civic vs 2017 Corolla in Anacortes, stop by at Sims Honda in Burlington to hear more about the amazing 2017 Civic models that we have to offer.

Design of the 2017 Civic in Anacortes

While both vehicles are sedans, their designs are quite different. Each car brings in a different style, and that’s something that we can appreciate. The debate between 2017 Civic vs 2017 Corolla in Anacortes definitely shouldn’t be left up to what each respective vehicle looks like. The Civic has always been easily recognizable. There’s a distinct look to both of these classic sedans.

However, the 2017 Civic takes on an appearance that is far edgier than most compact cars. You can easily pick out a Civic in a crowd of vehicles, but it still has a more distinct style. It’s a car that takes the typical features of sedans by lowering and widening them. There is an undeniable characteristic chunkiness to the vehicle, although there are also many parts of the design that are slim and streamlined. When it comes to the interior, the 2017 Civic could easily give any compact sedan a run for its money.

Performance of the 2017 Civic vs 2017 Corolla

Powertrains are pretty important to most people when they’re looking to buy a vehicle. They want something that has the right amount of power that they’re looking for, all the while staying in a decent fuel economy. Both the 2017 Civic vs 2017 Corolla in Anacortes have a lot to offer in the performance section.

The 2017 Civic doesn’t disappoint. There are two different powertrains available with the Civic. The first engine is found on the base models. It’s a 2.0 liter inline-four that produces 158hp. You get the choice of either a six-speed automatic transmission or CVT. You’ll also find Turbo models of the Civic that offer even more acceleration and thrill. The second engine option is a turbocharged 1.5 liter four-cylinder, ranking in at 174hp.

At Sims Honda, we are dedicated to offering you the best service. The 2017 Civic has a lot to offer, and we hope that you won’t miss out on an amazing opportunity. For more questions or to schedule a test drive, call us at 800-745-7467. Find our dealership at 1615 South Goldenrod Road in Burlington. We look forward to working with you.

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