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2017 Accord vs 2017 Legacy in Burlington

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2017 Accord vs 2017 Legacy in Burlington

Choosing your first car can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to the 2017 Accord vs 2017 Legacy in Burlington, Fret not, for the sales professionals at Sims Honda will offer you all of the information you need on both the vehicles so that you can come to a good decision soon after. Both the vehicles offer a superlative driving experience, exude a panache, and are dependable in their own right, which is why they make a perfect choice for vehicle buyers looking for an all round driving experience.

Sportiness of the 2017 Accord vs 2017 Legacy

Looking at 2017 Accord vs 2017 Legacy in Burlington, the 2017 Accord has a lovely revamped design. The Accord is available in both coupe and sedan body styles, as well as multiple trims to help you find the model that is right for you. It is sleek, stylish and is filled with amenities that make your ride comfortable and convenient. Depending on the engine you choose, the trims offered will differ. The V6 engine offers two trim options while the four-cylinder engine delivers five trim options and features cruise control, automatic headlights and a rear-view camera.

Sporty and confidence-inspiring is what sums up both the vehicles when it comes to the performance of the 2017 Accord vs 2017 Legacy in Burlington. The Accord provides an engaging driving experience and is more responsive owing to its brusque handling and faultless steering, although the 2017 Legacy does not lag behind. There is no denying that the Accord is a quicker vehicle, as its 2.4 liter, four-cylinder engine produces an impressive 185hp and comes with standard six-speed manual transmission, and an option to upgrade to an automatic.

Design of the 2017 Accord in Burlington

When you check out the 2017 Accord vs 2017 Legacy in Burlington from a design point of view, both the vehicles are stunners. While the 2017 Legacy is striking and well styled with adequate attention paid to all of the trims, the 2017 Accord’s smart cuts, handsome features, and clean lines give it the upper hand. Both the vehicles, however, give out a feeling that the vehicle is built to last and offer the comfort and facilities that ensure a stress-free ride. The Accord is meant for you if sophistication, practicality, and versatility are your cup of tea. Along with its impressive power and numerous options for personalization, this is one vehicle you can truly make your own.

You can get in touch with the sales team at Sims Honda at 800-745-7467 for any further guidance or clarification. We have satisfied many customers from Lynden, Woodinville, Monroe, and Shoreline and would be happy to be of assistance to you as well.

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