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2017 Civic vs 2017 Focus in Burlington

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2017 Civic vs 2017 Focus in Burlington

If you are in a dilemma about the 2017 Civic vs 2017 Focus in Burlington, we, at Sims Honda, are here to make life easier for you. Our sales professionals will offer you valuable information and advice on the perfect vehicle for you so that when it comes to efficiency, style, and comfortable interior, all of the checkboxes are meticulously checked for you to make an informed purchase decision.

Tech of the 2017 Civic vs 2017 Focus

When it comes to the clash of the 2017 Civic vs 2017 Focus in Burlington, the Civic appears to have the upper hand in the technology department, though the Focus does put up a pretty good fight with the SYNC 3 system that is receptive and easy to understand and operate. In fact, the Focus’ infotainment interface can even overpower the Civic in more ways than one. When it comes to the 2017 Civic, it boasts a range of high-tech features such as LED headlights, a power passenger seat, a 10-speaker audio system, unlike the Focus which comes with a six-speaker audio system, automatic wipers and heated rear seats, which are not in the Focus.

High on technology and coming with the secure feeling you need to feel when riding in a vehicle, thanks to its impeccable safety features, there’s no denying that in the battle between the 2017 Civic vs 2017 Focus in Burlington, the Civic may still be leading the game. Although both the vehicles are high on safety and absolutely steadfast during times of emergencies, The Civic comes with automatic braking, forward collision warning, lane blind spot camera, and adaptive cruise control along and offers similar safety features the 2017 Focus offers.

Safety Features of the 2017 Civic in Burlington

The 2017 Focus, on the other hand, comes with interesting safety features such as a backup camera, an optional blind spot monitoring system, standard side curtain airbags, anti-lock brakes, rear cross traffic alert and a lane departure warning system. Well, it turns out, a lot. The 2017 Civic has through the years stood as a reliable vehicle that stands the test of time and offers greater assurance when compared to the 2017 Focus. It’s striking new shape, great fuel economy and seamless riding experience are sure to capture your attention in unexpected ways.

As for the 2017 Focus, the vehicle consists of lower torque and power, which is why it may cause a slight hindrance when transmitting power to the wheels. Having said that, it does come with its fair share of safety and technology features that provide the vehicle a good enough ride as well. All said and done, it is the 2017 Civic that is winning hearts everywhere and so emerges as the clear winner.

The sales professionals at Sims Honda are always willing to offer you guidance and assistance when it comes to the 2017 Civic vs 2017 Focus in Burlington. All you have to do is get in touch with us at 800-745-7467. We have skillfully helped many satisfied customers from Anacortes, Arlington, Stanwood, and Marysville, and will be happy to be of similar assistance to you as well.

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